15 (Fifteen)

Over the past few years I have been working on a series of fifteen public sculptures. With these three dimensional works I attempt to share specific texts without the use of words. One could view them as the instrumental tracks versus the songs with words. I see this project as being unending and the primary task being the promotion of public sculpture. Works in public that are not trying to sell you anything, artworks that do not glorify leaders, g_ds and the like. South Africa is not known for an abundance of public art. The texts I am in conversation with are recent works by Alain Badiou, Costas Douzinas, Jacques Rancière, Gianni Vattimo, Antonio Negri and others. These texts all bring to mind the need for common-ground and common-wealth. Alongside promoting a society that demands art in public I am also investigating the potential of turning what is currently private property into public property.